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We are Bomba and Kiki and we are peach-faced lovebirds. We were given to Daddy for Valentine's Day of 1999. Daddy was so excited he built us a gigantic cage so we could stretch our wings and he put a nest box in there to see if we would lay eggs. What did he think, of course we would lay eggs! About 30 days after he had the box in there we had our first babies, Alex and Toby. Mommy and Daddy took them out so they would be more friendly then us, because we were never hand raised and we were scared of people. Mommy and Daddy have learned their lesson and began removing the next box to give us a rest from babies because we were born to breed. We would have babies all year round if it was up to us but Mommy and Daddy said we would get sick.

Some of our favorite things to do are eat millet, take baths, play on our toys and Bomba likes to talk to himself. Sometimes he goes on for 20 minutes or longer!

Mommy and Daddy said we can have babies as long as someone responsible would like our little ones. Mom and Dad are handling all of our business relations so if you are interested, please send an e-mail to them.

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